Henrik Hey

Visual artist
Woodblock printmaker

Welcome to the website with a selection of my mokuhanga artwork.

Mokuhanga is the Japanese word for printing, using the water-based woodblock technique developed during the Edo period.

My enduring love of mokuhanga began in 2000, when I got the unique chance to take part in the Nagasawa Art-Park artist-in-residence programme, founded by Keiko Kadota. The studio was situated high in the hills of Awaji-island south of Kobe, Japan.

Latest News & Updates

Exhibition in Spain

12 Views of Mount Fuji #5
From 3 thru 7 September 2018 my work 12 Views of Mount Fuji is premiered and exhibited during IMPACT10 in Santander, Spain.

12 Views of Mount Fuji is a series of 13 mokuhanga prints depicting Mount Fuji in various weather conditions. Earlier this year the series was accepted by the IMPACT10 art committee to be a part of the print exhibitions during this 10th edition of the International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference.

You can visit the exhibition at Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo, Calle Casimiro Sainz s/n, 39004 Santander, Spain. I will be present at the exhibition and the conference.

See and read my webpage 12 Views of Mount Fuji

Four New Prints: Le Tour 2018

Tour de France 2018
In my series of Tour de France themed mokuhanga prints, I've have added the 2018 edition.

The start of the annual French cycle event in 2018 is in Noirmoutier-en-l'Île. Since the 2015 Grand D├ępart in my hometown Utrecht I've been celebrating this event by making annual prints with the Yellow, Green, White and Polka Dot Jersey.

See the 2018 print on my 'Tour de France' webpage